About Us

Who we are and how we work?

A mechanic can be a car owner's best friend or worst nightmare. When car problems arise, people depend heavily on their mechanic to diagnose and repair the issue in as little time as possible. They expect mechanics to work and ethically. To be a great mechanic, you should have the following qualities, Great mechanics are able to relate to customers. They are able to communicate with them.

  • Strong Customer Service
  • Good Diagnostic Skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Solid Work Ethic
  • Strong Technical Aptitude
  • Leadership

Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people. - Adam Lambert

We Are Professional at Car Repairing

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25+Years of Experience
4Expert Mechanics
140kCars Repaired

Our History

Experienced and Dependable


We were founded by experienced mechanics.


Relocated to Manchester.


Today we provide knowledgeable and personal care for your vehicle.

Technicians are available Monday through Friday to provide the best in automotive repair.

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Auto Mechanic and Garage Customer Testimonials

Amazing - Highly Recommended.
These chaps helped me out of a tight spot with a last minute MOT for my car during Xmas and New Year. Everyone was helpful and friendly.

Even when I'd gotten them to stay late.


John Carter
These guys are my heroes. I had my catalytic converter stolen at the CCP carpark down the road. Elshaddai sorted it out in less than 2 hours. As I live 150 miles away this enabled me to drive home the same day. Thank you so much!
Richard Cage